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Cardio: Blood Pumping Fun

The most important part of your fitness regime is the one that is the most fun while you’re doing it. It also keeps you feeling great afterwards.
by Joseph A. de Silva

Whether it’s running, swimming, biking or hiking, any fitness regimen should involve a regular cardiovascular workout. The benefits are many. You will burn calories, which will help reduce body fat. Plus, cardiovascular exercise helps you distribute more blood and oxygen throughout the body. The more oxygen the body’s tissues have, the more productive they are.

When choosing a cardio regimen, you should pick a workout that will help your body achieve a target heart rate. This is the ideal heart rate at which you should be performing aerobic exercise. Once you’ve chosen a workout that is right for you, it’s time to start moving! At the beginning you should start slow. A short-term goal should be to workout three times a week for twenty minutes. The intensity should be mild at first and then can be raised as you gain endurance.

Increasing intensity is important to avoid what’s called a “plateau.” As your body gets in shape, it takes less energy to perform easier workouts. So you need to vary the frequency, intensity, length or type of your exercise to make the most of your workouts. That way you can keep improving your fitness over the long haul!

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