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Start With the Core

Fight flab where it lives! The mid-section is a great place to start exercising your muscles
by Joseph A. de Silva

The body’s “core” is defined as the area from the lower spine to the pelvis, and all the muscles in between. Working out these muscles provides a strong base for upper and lower body strength training.

Floor Crunch

Floor CrunchLying on your back, open your hands and place them behind your head (don’t interlock). Your knees should be bent about 45 degrees. Focus your eyes on a spot on the ceiling to keep your neck straight. Round the shoulders off the floor, squeeze the abdominal muscles and hold for a two count while exhaling. While rounding up, bring your belly button towards the floor (draw in towards the spine). Then inhale and return to the floor. Perform 12 to 20 repetitions.

Floor Bridge

Floor BridgeAgain, lie on your back, but this time bring your feet closer to your buttocks (bend your knees more). Raise your hips in the air, creating a “bridge” from your shoulders to your feet, draw in your belly button, squeeze your buttocks and exhale. Hold the position for a two count, lower yourself, then inhale. Perform 12 to 20 repetitions.

Both exercises can be performed anywhere and are great for all levels of fitness. If you’re working out regularly, perform two to three sets.

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