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Are you an experienced, dynamic personal trainer who is interested in pursuing a career in personal training? Are you looking to train your clients in a facility without members, with only other personal trainers who work together as a team? Natural Fitness may just be the right facility for you.

Natural Fitness, based in Portland, Maine, is looking for experienced personal trainers to join our team. We provide a state of the art, clean, personalized facility with a variety of equipment to meet the unique needs of each client. Qualified candidates will be certified in personal training with at least 1 year experience. Also, canidates should have an interest in neuroscience and biomechanics and how it relates to human movement/performance. Check out for more information about neuroscience.

Our trainers are employees of our facility and receive a tiered level of compensation up to 60% of their training session fees. Contact Joe de Silva for more information or to set up an interview at 781-3900. Please have a resume prepared.

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