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Q: Why do I need a personal trainer?

A: Personal trainers play an important role in health and wellness. If you reach a plateau in your results, or are bored in your exercise routine, trainers are there to help you. Most importantly, we are here to educate you in living an active lifestyle. Natural Fitness helps clients achieve results by getting rid of the myths that are bombarding the fitness industry and replacing them with science and proven techniques. We take the guess work out of your results and train you right the first time.

Q: How long do I need to work with a personal trainer?

A: This is a hard question to answer, but simply it depends. Most of our new clients will start with twice a week in order to correct the imbalances we find in the 360 Profile, get your body back in balance, and then taper back to once a week, then once a month. Depending if you currently work out at a gym or at home, we can designs programs for both areas and then follow up with your trainer at our studio for an updated program. We believe in educating our clients so they are able to train by themselves, although they remain with us for the accountability and the variety of training programs we provide.

Q: How do I balance my workouts?

A: A balanced workout consists of three components; cardiovascular exercise, resistance training and balanced nutrition. With these three components in balance, you cannot fail. In order to find the right balance for you, meet with a personal trainer for a 360 Profile. After, the trainer can start to recommend the proper amounts of each component for you.

Q: Is personal training expensive?

A: Personal training is not as expensive as you think. More than the cost, you are paying for lasting results. Most people who begin exercising will either end up quitting after the first month or get injured. Working with a personal trainer reduces the likelihood of this happening. Natural Fitness clientele usually start working with a trainer twice a week and then taper back to once a week, to once a month. We are here to educate you and get you going on the right path so you can exercise on your own. Natural Fitness will make recommendations on home equipment you can buy, as well as establishing a home program that fits into your lifestyle and is realistic for you.

** If you have any questions, please email Natural Fitness at: We will answer all questions as soon as possible. Answers are posted on this page.

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