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"Joe, you know how bad my right shoulder was. The doctor I saw thought there was no reason I should be able to shoot a basketball or throw a baseball being in my late 50's. Through working with you, I can now shoot baskets and play catch with our 10 year old boy."

- David Elliot

"After 3 knee and ankle surgeries, and a torn quadriceps muscle, it hurt just to walk. Going up and down stairs was painful. I found myself being much more conservative with the activities I participated in and I was less secure in engaging in anything that required balance, strength or agility. For more than 15 years I had come to expect that any physical activity was going to result in discomfort during and after the activity as well as stiffness. In addition, shortly before meeting Joe, an orthopedic surgeon told me I was a candidate for a knee replacement. When I began training with Joe, he started by evaluating my various physical issues and developed a program which progressively conditioned my entire body with special emphasis on my legs, stomach and back area. Within a relatively short period of time I was able to walk without pain and now I can do some light running. An added bonus was the loss of more than 10 pounds. However, the real testament to the effect of Joe's training program was the 6 day ski trip I took to Utah this spring where I skied every day, all day long without out any discomfort, soreness or stiffness. This winter I'm going to British Columbia for a heli-skiing trip. Joe has definitely improved the quality of my life."

- A former Olympic and US Ski Team Coach, Rex Bell, Northland Enterprises

Elizabeth— ..."I hate to work out and truly can't go it alone. Training with you takes a lot of coordination as it is hard to exercise and laugh at the same time. You are so great at keeping the atmosphere light while maintaining our focus on making me work hard..."

- Karen Glass

Working with Elizabeth has been a huge help in not only my balance and strength issues that I deal with as a result of my Parkinson's Disease, but in my self confidence, as I meet new challenges. I recently saw my neurologist for my 6 month check up and she marked improvement in my gait, balance recovery and my attitude.

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